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Transform Your Marriage


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Affair-Proof Your Marriage : Understanding, Preventing and Surviving an Affair

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Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Be able to know what his/her next move might be. And, plan your words and actions accordingly to change the flow of history. This is easier than you might think - once you know the patterns.

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affair proof your marriage


Transform Your Marriage

Marriage can be tough! Two people, joined together, but sometimes feeling like enemies. Sometimes, couples find themselves continually hurting each other, miss each other’s needs, and leave each other angry, resentful, tired, empty, exhausted, and unfulfilled.

So What Can I Do?

A marriage can be restored, developed, nurtured, and transformed! I tell you that as someone who sees the “miracles” on a daily basis. Note that I put miracles in quotations. Miracles are thought to come out of the blue. But in the cases I see, it is because one, the other, or both decide to do something about it. In other words, the miracle happens because action is taken.

There is a myth that it takes hard work to transform a marriage. I don’t believe that. It takes effort. It takes a change in thinking and perspective. It takes a willingness to try something new. Mostly, it takes a belief that things can change. It doesn’t take an overwhelming belief. Just some small part that says “Things have to change. Things can change. I will participate in it.”

That is the opportunity you have, right now. It is an opportunity you have to be transformational in your life, in your marriage.

You could take the risk, and discover that the marriage you want is available to you, right now and with your current spouse. It will take some effort, and it will mean taking a risk. But, as someone who has had his life threatened, take it from me, the risk is much smaller than you imagine!

The next month is going to pass, one way or another. At the end of it, will you be able to say “I made a difference in my life, the life of my spouse, and the life of my family”? Or will the month simply pass with the same dreams and regrets?

Even if you are at the end of your rope, ready to give up, isn’t it worth one more shot? One more guided effort, one with direction and assistance?

People often find themselves in situations where they have learned to survive, to get by. Not happy, but getting by. That is not enough. You can learn to thrive.

What You Will Learn

There are some advantages to building, versus digging:

We avoid low-mood therapy, and work from high-mood perspectives.

This makes the process a far less intimidating prospect for those who are less willing to be involved in the process. No "navel-gazing," no "how do you feel about that?" approaches. Just simple actions building toward amazing results.

The process is, therefore, more acceptable to men in particular. Let's face it: lots of men are dragged into therapy, and then made to feel incompetent in the emotional arena or ganged-up on. (Not good for keeping a couple in therapy.)

A couple’s past becomes less important. What really matters is where the couple wants to move toward.

Insights about the past don't often make the leap to changes in the present/future. But gaining knowledge, skills, and understanding does change our actions/reactions, and direction of a marriage. Click Here for more..
.Transform Your Marriage.

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Affair proof your marriage

affair-proof your marriage
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