Smallest GPS Vehicle Tracker
Smallest GPS Vehicle Tracker


Lowest priced GPS Slim Vehicle Tracking Device on the market!! Size is 5.78" x 2.99" x 1.44"

smallest gps vehicle tracker

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Smallest GPS Vehicle Tracker

Slimtrak Vehicle Tracking Device

NEW SlimTRAK Tracker makes all others obsolete!

Get Your SlimTRAK Gps Vehicle Tracking Direct from the Source!!

Slim Gps Vehicle Tracking Weighs in at only 7.2 ounces

GPS Slim Vehicle Tracking is FIELD-PROVEN.
the all new SlimTRAK real time tracking system makes all others obsolete! No more complicated wiring or GPS antenna mounting. Due to new state-of-the-art "high sensitivity antenna" technology, the very small SlimTRAK Gps tracking is completely self contained, including 4 standard "AA" batteries that power the unit for a full 3 months. Of course, if you prefer a permanent installation, connection assembly with battery back up is also available.

INSTALLS IN SECONDS: Once activated, SlimTRAK can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, including trunk, under seat, in glove box, or any other convenient location. For covert applications, our custom fitted waterproof magnetic case allows for quick installation under the vehicle or under hood. Unit can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Also great for protecting heavy equipment, boats, industrial equipment and dozens of other items.

EXTREMELY EASY TO USE: No rocket scientist need here! Unit operates using GPS and GSM communication technology. To track your vehicle, simply access the SlimTRAK website from any internet active computer, type in your password, and a detailed map with tracking information appears. Info includes time, speed of vehicle, street address of vehicle and last stop. Updates as little as every 2 minutes, to keep you on target. Unit can be programmed for faster or slower update frequency, if desired. Toll free customer support assures that all your questions be answered promptly.

- Free Technical Support - direct excellent help for beginners also

- Proven Tracking Capabilities
- Satisfaction Guaranteed

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW! When in doubt Check Them Out!

Covert Model Gps Slim Vehicle Tracking Includes Magnet Mount Case

No wiring & no antennas. Real time tracking via the internet. Weighs 7 oz. Covert and easy to use.

Size is 5.78" x 2.99" x 1.44"

Power on the unit runs for a full 3 months!

Guarantee and Technical Support is Always Available 24/7
GPS Slim Tracker

GPS Slim Vehicle Tracking Device
smallest gps vehicle tracker
Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking Device complete with Magnet mount case


smallest gps vehicle tracker

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