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Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips - How to Have a Healthy Relationship

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According to Marg.Paul Ph.D author of Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You? (Second Edition) regarding intimacy in relationships. One of her questions was, "What are some of the easy ways in which husband and wife can bond - without candles and wine and expensive lingerie?" Easy ways? Well, it depends on what you mean by easy!

Bonding has nothing to do with candles, wine and expensive lingerie. It has to do with INTENT. In any given moment we are in one of two possible intents:

* The intent to have control over getting love and avoiding pain
* The intent to learn about being loving to ourselves and to others

Virtually all of us have learned many ways of trying to have control over getting love and avoiding pain. We learned these protective behaviors when we were children, and as adults we unconsciously continue these learned controlling behaviors, such as anger, criticism, withdrawal, resistance, or compliance. For most people, these protective, controlling behaviors have become automatic and habitual. As soon as any fear is triggered, we automatically protect against the fear by arguing, blaming, attacking, judging, shutting down, resisting, or giving in. In relationships, the fears of rejection and engulfment - of losing the other or losing ourselves - generally underlie our protective behavior.

If both are open to learning, then they will be emotionally available to each other and can bond with a touch, a smile, or a kind word. Bonding has to do with the energy between them, not with anything external like candles, and the energy comes from their intent. A controlling intent creates a heavy, dark, hard, closed-hearted energy, while the open-to-learning intent creates a light, soft, open-hearted energy.

The big challenge in relationships is to stay open to learning about loving. Because we automatically and unconsciously revert to our protective, controlling behavior in the face of fear, being open to learning needs to be a conscious choice. Developing the ability to make a conscious choice regarding your intent is a learning process. The hallmark of higher consciousness is being able to choose your intent each and every moment, even in the face of fear.

Relationship Tips

One of the most common methods in preventing a divorce is to NEVER PLEAD OR DO WHATEVER your partner wishes to get that person to return to your life. It's common that humans think this way, but it shows your partner that you are weak and emotionally attached. You also need to be confident in whatever you do. Don't say to your partner, "You are my only true love and without you I am nothing", or "There is no one in the world like you." For the wife, she will think you are weak and not a real man. As a woman, they need a man to protect them and help them. They do not want a girlie man who they have to take care of or protect.

You need to let your spouse know that you don't really need a partner by being confident and strong. You don't want to show your partner that you need them and this in turn will make them more attractive to you. Every time your partner gets it his way, your partner will have the upper advantage and will want you to change. You need to show them that you have the power and how you can live without them. Do not make them the center of your world and they will want you back. Your partner will always wonder how you can live without them and they will wonder what they are missing out by not being with you. It is perfectly natural for someone who wants to leave you to disagree with your opinion, but be happy and consistent with what you do. This will help establish credibility and make it easier for your partner to believe in you. It definitely increases your confidence level.

NEVER let your partner control you and give in because it will only make them stronger and cause additional conflicts for yourself. One side will want one thing, and the other side will give in, but in the long run it will just cause depression for the other person. Confidence is the key in maintaining the attractiveness factor in the long run. What to know more? - click here

Relationships Tips - If You Have Lost all Hope

relationship tips

Any broken relationship where at least one partner is willing to fight to save it is already on its way to salvation and unity. BELIEVE IT. It’s the relationships where BOTH partners have called it “quits” where there is little to no chance of saving it.

Your relationship with your spouse is important but you must implement marriage saving strategies ASAP before you lose your spouse forever!

These REAL results have helped people in desperate situations just like yourself come around to not only save their relationships, but actually improve and deepen their love lives to a greater depth than they ever had before, or even thought possible.

What Should you Do Now - Click Here

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