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The keylogger is a small 1" hardware device known as a keylogger, Keystroke Recording - Keycapture. The keylogger records everything that is typed from your computer. It resembles a standard connector but inside the keylogger is a microcontroller and a nonvolatile memory chip. The microcontroller interprets the data (keystrokes) as they are typed and the nonvolatile memory stores all of the keystrokes. Nonvolatile memory is memory that keeps the data even when power is removed. That is how you can unplug the keylogger device and take it to another computer to play back what you have recorded, though you do not need to remove the device to play back the data.


To install the keylogger , all you need to do is plug it in between your keyboard cable and your computer. The keylogger is ready to record the instant you plug it in. Heat-shrink tubing is provided with each keylogger so that you may attach the unit to the keyboard cable. This creates a tamper-evident seal which cannot be removed without your knowledge.

Retrieving data

When you want to see what's been recorded, simply open any word processing program (Microsoft WordPad is recommended) and type in your password.
Or you may remove the keylogger and take it to another computer. The data is all contained within the keylogger .

As soon as your password has been correctly entered, a menu will be displayed on your screen. The menu gives you several options, including; View Memory, NETPatrol Search, Erase Memory, Disable recording, and so on. As soon as the 'View Memory' option has been selected, everything that has been typed on your keyboard will be displayed for you to see!

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Keykatcher keylogger - actual size is 1" - No Software Needed - find passwords
Cannot be detected by anti-Monitoring Software, Norton does not interfere.

Email Password Finder

 Keylogger can store up to 64,000 keystrokes, which equates to weeks worth of data.
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1. Unplug the keyboard from the PC

2. Plug in the keylogger

3. Plug the keyboard into the PC

After the data is captured, you can remove the keylogger or look at the data at any time on your PC -- just open Word.
The data is retained within the keylogger even if you unplug and move it to a different computer.

Does not work on laptops unless you have a separate keyboard


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