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Submit your Request -- any question or send me your stories. With over 10 years in dealing with internet infidelity, I will always have an upfront and direct answer.

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Online Chatting Affairs

How to Stop Internet Infidelity

online chatting affairs
This advice is directed to couples who are in a committed relationship and who are experiencing their partner or spouse chatting online in chat rooms or messenger or emails with the opposite sex. It usually starts out "well is it cheating? I don't consider it cheating, there is no touching, its not sex". They try to justify the answers. Usually by the time you reach this web site it has escalated out of control and they are addicted to the web.

If you want to take control and stop internet infidelity here is my best advice outlined in my 23 page E-book. I have spent a decade listening and advising couples on this internet addiction problem. Did you know internet addicts almost always lose their jobs and drastically lose all "normality"? Read this shocking story of what has happened to one family and can happen to yours!

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How To Stop Internet Infidelity
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One Woman's True Heartbreaking Struggle with Internet Infidelity
Internet Infidelity also known as The Relationship Breaker

As told to AskMaple, Infidelity Survivor and Advisor

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For almost a decade I have been helping others with Internet Infidelity. I have the facts as to exactly what is occurring and measures you can take during this crisis to stop this from destroying your relationship or marriage.It will destroy your marriage. Even if they are thousands of miles away from each other they can and will leave. Do you know why someone would allow an outsider into their relationship? This is serious. Read why I state you must act fast.

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This e-book contains absolutely everything you need to know about stopping Internet Infidelity. "Virtually everyone who cheats will do it electronically. What we read scorches our eyebrows. Its not poetry, prose, flowers. Most of it is extraordinarily explicit and emotionally betraying."

online chatting affairs Collect your evidence. Get the Monitoring Software to see the entire picture. This gets the affair out into the open. If your evidence reveals an affair - expose the affair.

online chatting affairs

Both spouses should agree to leave the Sniperspy software on their computer temporarily until the spouse can feel more secure. Your spouse has to let you play detective in order to rebuild trust. You can not rebuild trust if you keep worrying about whether or not your spouse is telling you the truth. If you suspend your suspicions and feelings, then they will rise to torment you unless they are dealt with properly.

But of course, this will only work if there has been a real change in your spouse.
Changing behavior and proof will tell the truth.

The spouse is the one who broke the trust and they have to come clean until your feelings are justified given time of course. Make them aware of this and they need to show true remorse and convey they are truely sorry. Hold them accountable.

Although I recommend the Sniperspy software to find out if they are cheating, it is imperative that both partners seek an understanding as to why his/her is behaving this way. Its a real problem as the computer is always in your face.

When an internet affair is discovered, a predictable marital crisis ensues that often brings the couple to therapy. The beginning of marital therapy is scarey to many as each spouse is emotionally open and vulnerable. Spouses are surprised the other feels hurt. The wounded spouse feels they can't get over what has occurred. The spouse tells them to get over it. The internet is pervasive and here to stay. Reluctance to change must first be resolved. With help, the couple moves toward re-establishing trust and their sexual relationship. In the end, the couple will have strengthened their ability to repair problems, look for the good in each other, and find ways to successfully discuss and resolve issues.

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Tip of the Month: To Prevent Emotional Cheating:

Be clear about your commitment to a partner, clarifying the limits you both agree upon concerning involvements with anyone else. I suggest you read about setting boundaries. Develop that no lies and secrey policy.

Have your spouse recognize when they are "crossing the line" by investing more attention, attachment or erotic attraction in someone other than you, and turn those 3 A's to you the present partner – if you want to stay together in a healthy relationship.

Share as deeply with your partner as you would with any good friend. Remember it takes time to rebuild trust. If you are having trust issues, read more - click here. Its not an easy task and no one can tell you the timing. It can in fact take years. We want to trust again.

Keep the bond between you and your pattern strong, emotionally – that means, make efforts to keep those fires burning.

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