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Yes, you can ask me any question (except for the Maple arithmetic ones) - well I could probably get you the answer though. You could ask me about the maple leafs, the maple tree, the maple syrup but all kidding aside that won't help you.

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HAPPY 2006! A Great Year for Being a Marriage Keeper!

AskMaple has over 30 years total experience each in dealing with families, relationships, and employers. AskMaple is not a licensed counsellor. My purpose in life is to help you. I will sincerely help anyone that I can. I have experienced Infidelity and have survived infidelity so rest assured you are getting good advice. What should you do now? Let me help you. Remember part of your healing process on the road to recovery is talking about your situation with a trustworthy person and I am always here to provide you with advice.

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Infidelity has so many faces and each situation is different. Infidelity does not discriminate and effects young and old.

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