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Let me ask you, why would you consider going to marriage counseling?

If you are like most people who consider therapy, it's because of some serious issues in your marriage or long term relationship.

It's not a frivolous decision! I understand that! Its expensive and very well worth every dollar.

Maybe someone's had an affair, someone has talked about leaving, you've fought until you ached and suffered through your whole body, mind and soul...or you feel hopeless and devastated about the relationship and feel it is truly over and done with, and as sad as you are, you feel there's only a very slight possibility of anything ever being any better in your marriage!

This is a serious situation, and you need a serious answer, and you need it now! Not six months from now, NOW! Don't put the situation off and hope it will get better because it will not.

Even if you can not get your spouse to go for therapy, you go! You will feel so much better, mentally and emotionally. Don't suffer. Most of all I hope couples can go for therapy together, without secrets, tell the truth like it is and lets get all of the problems out in the open. You will feel better; your spouse will feel better; and most of all you will have a better understanding of what has happened.

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