Is Internet Porn Okay

Is Internet Porn Okay


Is Internet Porn Okay?No - Kick Porn: Spiritual Power Practices For A New Life - Click Here is internet porn okay
Tess Marshall has a master's degree in counseling psychology and a specialty in addictions. She has over 15 years of study, research and experience in empowering people to grow personally, build authentic relationships, and live free from addiction.
Her job is to offer you insights, wisdom, understanding and solutions to help you kick porn. She can show you how to end the misery and pain and get rid of the guilt and shame.

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is internet porn okay

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Is Internet Porn Okay


With the booming billion dollar industry of porn on the internet so many partners are wondering if internet porn is okay. This growing trend has so many people worried about their relationships.

I would have to agree with Dr. Phil If you're looking at Internet pornography, you need to determine if you have a problem. "Porn is to stimulate a sexual response and the problem is that those feelings are directed towards fantasy objects, not an addict's spouse, so what happens is affairs will grow out of an addiction to pornography. Also, the non-addicted spouse may feel pressured into performing for their partner to keep that partner faithful. In an effort to motivate the pornography addict to give up their addiction or extramarital activites, spouses will offer to "do anything." This can lead to degrading experiences for the non-addicted spouse. "

If your life is being controlled by your sexual desires and activities, instead of YOU being in control of them, then you have a sex addiction and should consider getting help. This isn't fair to your partner or spouse.

Treating an Addiction to Internet Porn

Ask yourself these two questions:

Would you do it with your partner standing right there?

Are you turning outside your relationship to meet a need that should be met within the relationship?

Your answers to those questions should give you an idea of whether you have a problem. You should also consider how your behavior affects the people around you. You might say that looking at pornography online is harmless, but it could have a negative emotional effect on the people you love.

Conversely, you may be hurt because your mate is looking at pornography online. You have good reason to be upset! That sort of behavior is disrespectful to your relationship. Talk to your partner. Explain that the pornography has to go—no ifs, ands or buts. Don't accept excuses like "everybody looks at porn" or "It's just the Internet." That attitude speaks volumes about the health of your relationship. Not everyone watches porn.Your partner has to choose what's more important: pornography or the relationship.

The problem with treatment of Internet Porn it is not like alcohol addiction. You can't go to your family (well other than your wife) or friends for support. Another question you can ask your spouse is "what if the porn star was my daughter". Repeated exposure to pornography results in a decreased satisfaction with one's sexual partner, with the partner's sexuality, and with the partner's sexual curiosity. Why do you think there are so many pedophiles? Surely you have seen the numbers increase of harming children and luring innocent teens both online and offline.

End Your Internet Porn Addiction learning more about sexual and online addictions in general and understanding treatment plans will help you take an active role in your husband’s work towards a pornography-free life again. You must fight his addiction head-on as he will likely deny any wrong-doings unless you demonstrate your ability to see through the charades. Take the first step.

How to Diagnose the Problem of Porn Addiction[ii]:
List of Criteria as proposed by M. Douglas Reed

1. Recurrent failure to resist impulses to use pornography or engage in its related activities, such as masturbation.

2. A buildup of emotional tension immediately prior to use.

3. Pleasure or relief at the time of engaging in pornography use.

4. A feeling of giving in, or a lack of control while engaging the pattern of pornography use.

5. Some of these symptoms usually will have occurred for at least one month, or will have occurred repeatedly over a longer period of time.

6. At least five of the following nine criteria are usually present:

a. Frequent obsession or preoccupation with pornography use, or with activity that is preparatory to the behavior, such as going where the pornography is available;

b. Using pornography, buying it, masturbating, or other acting out behavior, to a greater extent or over a longer period than intended;

c. Efforts to reduce, control, or stop using pornography or its related activity. These are often accompanied by discarding cashes or collections of material, only to repurchase again and again;

d. A great deal of time spent (1) in activities necessary for using pornography (getting ready); (2) actually using the pornography, almost always as fantasy material accompanied by masturbation or orgasm; and (3) recovering from its effects (physical injury, for example, or the emotional shame, and/or degradation that is usually felt);

e. Frequent engaging in pornography use when expected to fulfill occupational, academic, domestic, or social obligations (such as leaving work early, extending lunch hours, arranging trips to places where preferred pornography is readily available; etc.);

f. Important occupational, social, or leisure activities are given up or reduced because the user to desire to be alone, or to stay up late watching videos instead of sleeping, etc.

g. Continuation of the behavior despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent social, financial, psychological, or physical problem that is caused or made worse by the behavior;

h. Tolerance and escalation; need to increase the intensity of the pornography, or frequency of its use, in order to achieve the desired effect. There is a diminished effect with continued use of pornography of the same intensity; and

i. Irritability or tension build-up if unable to engage in pornography use or related activities.[ii]

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