Internet Infidelity Warning SignsInternet Infidelity Warning Signs
How to Identify the Warning Signs of Internet Infidelity

Internet Infidelity Warning Signs

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I have spent nearly a decade working with internet infidelity victims.

How to Stop Internet Infidelity

How To Stop
Internet Infidelity


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Internet Infidelity Warning Signs
Internet Infidelity Warning Signs - Definite Changes in Your Partner's Communication Manners

If you suspect your spouse is cheating online you are probably right. Use your gut instincts.

If your partner comes home from work and immediately heads straight for the computer instead of being with you. If they spend most of their time on the net instead of quality time with their family or avoiding household chores that never get finished or even started.

Your spouse has a sense of "euphoria" or anticipatory "high" when they are to log onto your computer.

If they password protect their computer itself.

If your partner sets up a new email account and doesn't tell you about it.

They will be obsessive on checking their emails for notes from their lovers.

If they are constantly clicking with the mouse or closing/minimizing the windows and/or feel irritated when you enter the room. They are probably hiding what they are doing or typing. Stay and make them even more uncomfortable.

They stay up all hours on the computer long after your have gone to bed.

Don't take cyber affairs lightly. These affairs will eventually destroy your marriage. Although they may not involve sexual contact, what happens is they form an addiction or emotional attachment which can be very strong, and can quickly advance from cyberspace to reality. Eventually most cyber-affairs will end up meeting this new person no matter how far or close the other person is.

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internet infidelity warning signs

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Where to Start Looking on Your Computer

Go to the Start/Documents menu and look at the most recent files they have opened. Many times you can find a lot of information about what they have been doing by checking there.

Open up their browser(i.e.; AOL,Netscape,Explorer) and find View, scroll down to Explorer Bar > History.

internet infidelity warning signs

Look at the history which contains the sites they visit.








Lets scroll down: Note the hotmail ID: is>>
thats means they are receiving emails from a personal hotmail address at msn.

This history can easily be deleted. They may even delete the hotmail specifically.

But you know what? Everything is not erased in their hard drive. Even if they try to reformat the hard drive.
Open your notepad under accessories and possibly you can read the email. Also, or will also show personal emails.

internet infidelity warning signs

Then open the files that look suspicious. Go to the Start/Find/Files or Folders...Under the Name and Location tab leave the "Name" and the "Containing text" fields blank.Set the "Look in" field to "Local Hard Drives". Click the Date tab. Set the "Find All Files" field to "Last Accessed". Then set the how far back you want to check for files accessed. Click the Find now button. A list of files will appear. Double Click the mouse on any file that looks suspicious. If the file does not open or you get a message box that asks you which program to use to open the file, then just close it and try another file. Try this technique again with the "Find All Files field set to "Modified".

Double Click on the Recycle bin. Check for files with questionable names and Double Click.

Finding E-Love Letters

Many times after two people begin chatting they will also begin email correspondence. With some email services, the files you are looking for are kept on your PC, with other services the files are located on a remote server.

To check for email on the local PC, use the same methods described in Where to Start in the "Find Files or Folders" section. Go to the Start/Find/Files or Folders.. and use the same settings except for in the "Containing Text" field put the name of the person you suspect or put your mates name or email adress in. You may also try putting in *.dbx in the "Named" field.

How To Recover The Deleted HTML Temporary Internet Files

Some times you can still find some of the deleted HTML files by using a recovery data program. Recover My Data is one of those programs for this purpose. The software runs $70, but with that you can actually recover the deleted file. The search can take several hours so be sure you have time. You can recover their private web-based emails such as yahoo or hotmail, or g-mail under html. If you need to recover the standard Windows Email then get the Email Recovery software.

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