Internet Infidelity Stories
Internet Infidelity Stories
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internet infidelity stories

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internet infidelity stories


Internet Infidelity Stories

internet infidelity storiesWhile the internet has certainly opened up a new way of communicating and knowledge, it has created a very destructive path for marriages or relationships. We like to give our partners time out to relax, unwind from their hectic life styles. Thus, in the midst of this freedom the person searches the internet for games, porn, chat, gambling, betting, and etrading.

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internet infidelity stories

For internet addiction stories, questions and answers please join our internet addiction MSN blog where you can post your questions directly. You will perhaps find solutions, people who have been through similar situations as yours, people who are finding out, people who struggling to recover, survivors of internet infidelity and a great comfort I hope.

This letter is to our Chat Internet Infidelity Stories MSN Blog: : The only difference is she is a cheater: I think it is important to know what they are going through and to help all. I want to point out she has agreed to let us reprint her story in hopes it will help others.

Q. Hi, hope I am welcomed also. I too am one of the bad girls, and have hurt a wonderful man to the core. Something I never wanted to do, and I too am trying to recover. Mine too was chat, no meetings, but I can imagine how my husband must feel. I know how I would. I am so disgusted with myself, and beside my self with remorse. I too, hope that I can find the strength and courage to continue to show my remorse to my husband, and hope and pray he will forgive me. I too avoid chat rooms and the internet. I am going to go to the web site you suggested to see if I can find some answers. I can't seem to find them in myself, as to why I became such a horrible person and hurt the only man who ever loved me completely. Feeling Awful

Comments by group coordinator: Why do you feel you had to be on the net? How exactly did this happen? I am glad you can now say no to the internet - I am surprised it is that easy?

Q. Well the answers to those questions are just like the ones I answered for my husband. I was lonely, (he works nights), then he would fall asleep on the only two nights he was at home with me at 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening. We both became complacent with our relationship after 18 years together. I turned 47 this year (mid life crisis?) and felt undesirable to him. And we all know when we get in the chat rooms and they and we say what we think the other person wants to hear and our alter egos tend to come out. Once you get in there you get sucked in quickly, and then it is like trying to get out of quicksand. You feel like dirt, you try and convince yourself that it is "innocent", but then if you think about it and you were the victim, would it seem so innocent then? So in response to your question, stupidity, a need to be the center of attention, boredom, and most of all selfishness. So there is no correct answer, it was wrong, it hurt someone terribly, and it has made my own image of myself dirty and disgusting.
As far as was it that easy? Yes! If I am going to loose the only thing that means the most to me in this old world, then YES! I sat and thought about it when it was happening, comparing the person I was Iming and my H, and would think, if I was dying tomorrow, I know who would be by my side, no if, ands or buts. Comforting me, holding my hand, grieving with me. But ego's are hard things to tame and it took almost loosing him to tame mine. I don't know that he can heal, but just as I told him, I have to pay the price, whatever the expense is, and that is his choice, as to what he makes me pay. I was the bad person, not him.
So see, there is no answer, not one that makes it right. Infidelity is a dark road, one you travel alone, even though you think you are searching for someone else, you are just distancing yourself from everyone. Thank goodness mine didn't go as far as it could have. I could not imagine the remorse if I had of done that, this is unbearable now.
As far as easy, I look at it this way. I was on there in my darkest, ugliest most disgusting hour. I can only imagine what is on the other end of the line, and again, why risk loosing what was the brightest thing in my life. We all strive to find someone to grow old together with, right? And I had that, and I want it back. Signed and courtesy of: Feeling Awful.

Comments by group coordinator: In most situations even in the darkest moments most people want their life as it was, they wish they could wake up and find it was all a bad dream. That isn't going to happen, life is never the same. You can't go back. You can only move forward.

Comments by AskMaple: I feel that one of the basic reasons people have this type of affair is from the feelings it produces. Partly they want to feel good about themselves and needed but be careful this type of chat is very addicting and there is always willing participants.

ABC NEWS New Software Aids Both Snoop -- and Cheater

It's the age-old game of "cat and mouse" — cheating spouses. These days infidelity is even the stuff of reality TV. But you don't need a camera crew and private detectives to catch a cheating lover.

These days all you need is a little software.

Peta and James Rhinehart say they are soulmates. They fell in love at first sight and married four years ago. It all seemed perfect, until James began to spend longer hours at work. Peta developed a nagging feeling he was up to something.

In fact, James was having an affair but not with a coworker. After he and Peta returned from a vacation with another couple, the other husband came to Peta with shocking news: His wife and James were having an affair.

The man had found out his wife was cheating because he had installed a spyware program on his computer called Sniperspy. Originally created so parents and employers could monitor Internet activity, Sniperspy acts like a computer surveillance camera, printing out a report of a computer user's keystrokes, chat room visits and emails written.

Through the Sniperspy report, Peta learned her husband and his lover were talking about having sex even while they were all on vacation together. "It was devastating," she told "20/20."

James initially denied the affair, but admitted to it after the other woman confessed. The unfaithful couple had no idea how they were discovered. To reassure herself the affair was over, Peta installed the same spyware on the computer she and James shared. To her horror, she found out he was having multiple affairs. "I felt like a deer in the headlights," James said. "I knew it was wrong. But I couldn't come out and say that she was correct."Peta felt betrayed in the worst way. "I threw things. I yelled, I screamed, I cried. I threatened, cajoled," she said. She even slept with another man just to retaliate.


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