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Infidelity Poems
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infidelity poems

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Infidelity Poems

Dedicated: To Loved Ones who have faced Infidelity

infidelity poems

These poems have been written by people such as yourself who have now faced Infidelity in their lives. Poetry is very moving, and a very good way of expressing how you feel during this bad time. Feel free to submit your poem.

I Want to Tell You, but I Hurt so Much.

I want to tell you how special you are, to put down in words my love for you, my desire to care for you.
I want to say how much you mean to me, that you are the centre of my universe and that your smile lights up my life,
But right now I hurt so much I want to cry.

I want to tell you that when I see you unhappy I want to hold you but that sometimes I don't know how.
I want to tell you that I feel so much for you that it hurts but to feel your love slip away hurts so much more,
But right now I hurt so much I want to die.

I want to tell you that sometimes you look so god damn wonderful I want time to stand still to capture your beauty.
I want to tell you that so many wonderful moments with you are seared into my memory ,
But right now I hurt so much I want to forget.

I want to tell you that I am lost in the depth of your eyes, the curved lift of your smile, you lovely naughty laugh,
I want to tell you that the gentle warmth of your embrace has given me more joy than I ever thought possible,
But right now I hurt so much I feel only regret

I want to tell you that I am sorry for the hurtful things I may have said and done.
I want to tell you that that sometimes, deep down inside I have wanted to hold you and cry my heart out,
But right now I hurt so much I want no more pain.

I want to tell you that you hold my very soul in your hand,
I want to tell you how much I need you but have seen you draw away,
But right now I hurt so much I fear you don’t feel the same.

I want to tell you that in loving me you have given me the best gift I have ever had.
I want to tell you that I treasure your trust as my one true soul mate,
But right now I hurt so much to know these feeling are untrue.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the sacrifices you have made for me.
I want to tell her what a wonderful mother you are and how you and our sons fill me with pride and joy,
But right now I hurt so much I don’t know what to do.

I want to tell you that I can never repay the debt I owe for the years of life we have shared.
I want to tell you that I want to be a better partner and need your help to do so,
But right now it hurts so much to know you don’t want this too.

I want to tell you I am sorry for not being the partner you now want,
I want to tell you I am heartbroken that you have given your love to another,
But right now I hurt so much I don’t know where to start.

I wanted to put my special feeling for you in this poem, with roses and a card,
I wanted to win you back again, make you love me, melt your heart,
But right now I hurt so much to think that we may end up part.

Signed: Hoping

The Mindset

The mindset of these men is ladies are free for the taking
No fear of reprisal turns them in to abusers in the making
I would love to tell them how much torture they cause
But know without consciences it won’t give them pause
Maybe if it was their wife or sister or girlfriend who cries
They would rampage against this system of indignity and lies
So I go in and hear how pleasing a man is what I’m good for
And I laugh with emptiness hoping there is something more
To keep it on my terms sometimes I strike before they do
So I’ve been known to tell/listen to dirty joke or two
I thought acting tough would prevent me from not being safe
With thinking about it now, maybe I put myself in this space
I pretend to play their games hoping to not be singled out
But with each prank or pinch I feel even more left without
So I eat for comfort and hope they will want me less
Leaving me sad and empty, my body even more of a mess
They suck out all the good, just like consuming air
Exhaling disrespect/indifference, my tears of no care

By: Annette


The Fallen Angel

She’s no angel who came sneaking into my room on tiptoe, with no invitation

Your tumult opened the door to her, I couldn’t keep her out

When the light came on and I could see, clearly see, her wicked wanton way

My heart was missing.

Stolen while I lay in the dark, dreaming of better times.

I did not know right then what was missing, I only knew the profound and bottomless pain.

I could not breathe.

Just a fragile shell full of aches and tears and thorns,

I could not recognize myself, or you.

Her shroud covered all that I knew.

Her black pall still lingers;

I see its shadow on you sometimes;

I feel the prick of the thorns she left;

I take a breath and breathe in her dark ways.

Why didn’t you bar the door? You opened it wide and let her in, welcomed her.

You stood over me and watched her sink her fingers into my chest, watched her rip out my true heart, laughing.

Black in the night, when all was quiet, while I slept dreaming only of you,

You conspired with the fallen angel and I never knew, never knew.

Signed: Angie

The Face Of A Cheater

Last night I looked into the face of a cheater
A face that held a look I know so well.

A look of disturbance yet
A look of calmness too.

With each attempt to bend the truth
This look again appeared before me.

Recovery is a difficult process
That requires both to be open and honest.

I am not receiving honesty in all communications
And so again I have to make a decision.

Do I go forward with recovery
Or is there a new decision on the horizon?

My desire for the face to fade
Is stronger than my pain.

Hours, days and weeks go by
My heart and mind lead the way.

As long as the face fades
My choice will be to stay.

Signed: Iwish

Last Night

A raised voice from you
Was a reminder of that empty feeling
I have when you remind me
You are who you are.

You felt my silence and
Recognized my anger
After an investigative discussion
You offered your apology.

As I held back the tears and
Swallowed the lump
I kept telling myself
I can get past this.

Then we walked together
Past the jewelry counter
And those same empty, sad ,
Angry, feelings swelled up inside.

Tears started to fill my eyes
I told myself I must
Hold them back so
Not to ruin our evening.

You and our son shopped
For paintball gear
As I sat and waited while
Our daughter climbed the wall.

I looked around at the faces
Of all the people around
And they were not familiar
With their smiles and glimmering eyes.

Excitement lasted for a short time
While our daughter climbed the wall
And then I asked if she had fun
And her smile told it all.

I congratulated her on her effort
As others asked her why she quit
So I told them not do that
As she is happy, and that is it.

The entrance we used
When arriving at the mall
Was the same exit we used
When I lost it all.

That same jewelry counter
Reached out to me
It pulled my heart out
And reminded me.

The tears returned
As this time they were strong
I imagined you knew I was upset
I said nothing for so long.

You left with our son
To shop at a different store
While our daughter and I
Waited in the car.

And then our daughter asked
Mom what is wrong
As she sensed my sadness
After not too long.

I gasped with sobbing tears
And recalled the past few years
Telling her of the last few
Hours of my sadness and pain.

It isn't going away
It seems to only strengthen its course
And this I fear may ruin us
As it is too strong a force.

By: Iwish


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