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Infidelity Feelings

There is an infinite number of feelings or intense emotions the victim of infidelity can experience from discovery to recovery. A really good idea came to me from some very special victims. The idea was to first list the wide range of emotions or even reflections that a person goes through when they are betrayed. Feelings such as anger, crying, helpless, lost, betrayed, guilt, etc. Secondly, to have people share their feelings knowing they are not alone. Here is where the leaves will go (they are empty right now). When I get more you will be able to click on the leaf twice and you will be directed to this page:

You can help others by just writing a few lines about one particular emotion that you have felt or are feeling currently. You can remain anonomous. Please take your time and contemplate your message as these will be posted online.

I hope I am sympathetic to your feelings.

I hope I can give you all the support you need during this crisis of your life.

Most of all let me know if there is any more information you need to know about infidelity.

I hope you have a close friend you can trust to talk to.

I am always here for you.


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STEP 1) Post your feeling for your leaf here in the form below:

Thank you. AskMaple.infidelity advice online



Your submission is anonymous (even we don't know who you are) so change your name if you prefer.

Please do not enter your story in all capital letters and no profanity. Please capitalize the I word.

Thank you.

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