How to Stop Internet Infidelity Ebook
How to Stop Internet Infidelity
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Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: The Moment of Discovery

Chapter Three: Discovery on the Internet

Chapter Four: Were the Traces of Internet Infidelity There?

Chapter Five: The Shock of Discovery

Chapter Six: What Went Wrong?

Chapter Seven: What You Should Do Upon Discovery

Chapter Eight: Security

Chapter Nine: How To Get Them Off The Internet

Chapter Ten: Marital Advice

Chapter Eleven: AskMaple's Opinion

Chapter Twelve: Steps To Remember


"My husband said he just needed to destress each day after work. I knew he was too engrossed on the web from all the swinging clubs I saw. He made it sound like I was hitting the wrong site. Now I am aware of the consequences and am working to make him aware also". Kate.

"We are a christian family I never thought this would happen to us. You are a true blessing to the world AskMaple." Ann.

"The ploy of the internet sounds exactly what went on in our house only my husband has signed up to same sex sites. Does this mean he will leave me for another man? I am so afraid". Christine.

"The counsellor says its all scenes right out of a playboy magazine. How dare she? My life is ruined and will never be the same. Some playboy story." Sandra.

"My spouse has secret email accounts and is in touch with another woman. Doesn't he realize this is emotional infidelity? I need to know the truth now. I am so sick of the constant lies." Karen.

"I am getting more than tired of living a life of suspicious behaviours on the net. My wife is in total denial. I have approached her to stop. I need more than answers." Keith.

how to stop internet infidelity ebook


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Let me introduce you to Jane (not her real name) who is a smart, fun,

and zany, working mom with a 15-year-old teenager. I have changed

Jane's name, her husband's name to Dave and some of the typical

characteristics of her story for
her protection.

Trust me, I am not Jane and I wouldn't want to have walked in her shoes.

I met Jane about ten years ago, just when her world had fallen apart by

internet infidelity. I had never heard of the term 'internet infidelity' although

I had certainly experienced infidelity. I wanted to understand her situation

and help her through her difficult time. You are going to get to know

Jane's strength and courage throughout this ebook, as I will refer to her

from time to time. Jane's marriage was similar to any one of us - many

times great, and other times difficult. Jane has put the past behind her

and moved on with her life, which we will get to later in this ebook.

I receive hundreds of letters on my web site pertaining

to internet infidelity betrayal. In the majority of these letters, the person

who is cheating is in denial even with overpowering evidence.

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This is serious. Read why I state you must act fast. Keep in mind Jane's husband Dave had never even met this other person other than on the internet in the beginning stages until destroying their marriage. This is the same situation as yours. "Virtually everyone who cheats will do it electronically. What we read scorches our eyebrows. Its not poetry, prose, flowers. Most of it is extraordinarily explicit and emotionally betraying."

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how to stop internet infidelity


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