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healing after infidelity

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Healing After Infidelity

Normalize Your Feelings

The pain and confusion experienced when the affair is first revealed will likely create a multitude of feelings, personal and relational conflicts, and confusion. The goal of this stage is to normalize your reaction to the affair and then provide you with a language for talking about the infidelity. Normalizing your reactions is the first step in overcoming the numerous losses you may be experiencing such as:

loss of stability, peace, comfort, trust, and joy;
feeling insane, angry, depressed, scared; and
questioning marriage vows, ideals, values, and beliefs.

Developing Trust

The simple formula called TLC:


has been tried and utilized in rebuilding marriages.

Rebuild the TRUST in your relationship by regaining the confidence and understanding you once had. No relationship can even begin to heal without the reestablishment of trust. We’ll show you simple to use techniques that really work.

Step #2. You immediately implement Love in your relationship by saying and doing a variety of options that are sure to get the positive attention of your spouse.

Step #3. The final step involves Commitment. Understand that relationships are not a one shot deal. A true relationship involves a daily “commitment” for the rest of your lives that entails dedication and resolve from the both of you.

What good is it to get back together with your spouse only to have it fall apart two months down the road? In this formula, we’ll show you how to keep that commitment going with minimal effort and maximum results Click Here.

Beginning to Cope with Tragedy

1. Make room in your life for healing.
If you are facing a tragedy or major life challenge, give yourself plenty of room to heal. Back off on your commitments. Put volunteer activities on hold. Make extreme self-care a top priority. Ask for more help than you think you need. Don't make any major life decisions.

Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. Remember that self-pity is a normal part of the healing process. Give yourself a limited amount of time to feel sorry for yourself. You might curl up in your favorite pajamas with your favorite comfort food and have a good cry. It's important to make space for the pain. If you don't deal with it, it waits for you. Get the support you need to heal your pain so you can begin to move on with your life.

Most of all—have enormous compassion for yourself!

2. Attach meaning to the tragedy.
Regardless of the tragedy, you can decide right now to make this event a defining moment in your life. It may not make sense, and you may feel angry or deeply saddened, but making this decision can direct the course of your life in a more positive way. The simple decision to proclaim that this event will be a defining moment can be enough to make a huge difference.

3. Reclaim your power.
At some point during your healing process, there will come a time when you decide to reclaim your power and shift from feeling like a victim to being a victor. How will you use this tragedy to improve your life? How has the healing made you a better person? Refuse to think of yourself as a victim, take responsibility for your life, and you're ready for the next step.

4. Find the gift.
Behind every tragedy there is a gift. You may not see it at first, but a tragedy can provide enormous opportunity. For example, you may decide to completely re-evaluate the direction of your life or use the support you receive from loved ones as a way to strengthen your relationships. Most people find that living through tragedy allows them to tap into an inner strength that they never knew existed. By connecting with yourself in this way, you'll find a reservoir of courage and creativity that leads you to your authentic self. When the time is right, the gift will reveal itself—if you make a point to look for it.

Some good tips from Life coach Cheryl Richardson


Decide Whether to Recommit or Quit

healing after infidelity

In order for your emotions to settle down, you must first discover whether you want to make the relationship work, or end the partnership. This requires self-examination by both partners. As well, ideals that you have held dearly must be addressed and their importance now re-evaluated. For example, marriage is forever, love conquers all, or trust cannot be regained.

If you decide to recommit, go to a therapist. If you decide to quit, the both of you should agree to go to Collaborative Divorce or a Mediator.

Recognizing unstated assumptions held by oneself or one's mate is an integral part of this process, and the authors include exercises, concise case studies and checklists of suggestions to guide readers through the difficult task of healing.

Strengthening Your Grip on Life
Do you want . . .

More Intimacy
Less Conflict
Better Communication
Fewer Arguments
Less Distance
More Respect
Less Defensiveness
More Kindness
Less Criticism
More Security
Less Anxiety

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Heal Your Relationship

How you handle your situation now sets the stage your how your relationship will be for the rest of your life. If your relationship is one of cooperation and support, your future will be a lot easier.

This is particularly true if you have children. You will be interacting with the other person for many years to come. A good relationship will make an enormous difference in the quality of your life.

It's is also the most important thing you can do for your children. By far, the single biggest factor in the well-being of children is how well their parents get along.

You have the ability to end the conflict and heal your relationship, one human being to another. You just need to know how -
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Find out the Root Causes

Use the infidelity and cheating as an opportunity for self reflection, growth and change. Yes, it's true - an affair need not spell the end of a relationship. However, before you can to assess whether this is even possible, it's essential to first understand what led to the infidelity.

Dr. Gunzburg has all the pertinent
information, the strategies and the tools you will need to prevent an extramarital affair from ever happening again. Find out the ROOT CAUSES of cheating and avoid becoming another infidelity statistic.

- Get Out of the Slump
- Stop Beating Yourself Up
- Rebuild Your Life!

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