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forgiving infidelity


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Forgiving Infidelity

forgiving infidelityForgiveness, reconciliation and leaving oneself open for injury are three very different things and I fear that you might be confusing them.

The Basic Practice of Forgiveness from Spiritual Rx - Embrace in your heart everyone you need to forgive, including yourself.

Why the spiritual practice of forgiveness may be for you:

We all know the obvious symptoms that could be relieved by forgiveness — feeling so wounded that we want revenge, constant brooding over a long list of petty grievances, feeling so guilty we don't know how to approach someone we have offended, worry that the hurt could happen again. Bitterness and stubbornness can also be signs that forgiveness is called for, especially when these attitudes are associated with a need to be recognized as the one who is right.

In contrast to these limiting behaviors, which usually erect walls between ourselves and others, forgiveness is freeing. It means that we can move out of our previous position and move on with our lives. Best of all, it enables us to be reconciled with our spouse and with God so that once again we feel part of the greater community of the spiritual life.

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The Affair & Infidelity Survival
by Dr. Gunzberg

If your relationship has been touched by infidelity or an extramarital affair, I urge you to spend the next few minutes reviewing information that will likely change how you feel about yourself, your partner and the future of your relationship.

It could also mean the difference between spending years feeling bitter, angry and depressed and having a fulfilling and happy future.

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