Unhappy Marriages


Unhappy Marriages


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I've studied relationships for a long time, taking good notes on what things blissful couples do differently than those who have the typical relationship full of ups and downs. Nearly all "relationship" books focus on what couples are doing wrong. I'll let you know what couples are doing right.

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unhappy marriages


Unhappy Marriages

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Divorce - UnHappy Marriage - Should you Stay or Go?

Divorce is one of life's most difficult and serious decisions. If you're unhappy in your relationship and you're considering leaving you are facing one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

If we guess correctly you're in either one of two situations.

One-- you're unhappy in your current relationship and are trying to decide whether to stay or go.

Or two, you've already made the decision to leave and want to make sure you're making the right decision.

No matter which of these scenarios best describes your situation, you're about to discover some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself.

We've all been in relationships that have dissolved and fallen away over time. Some of these relationships have dissolved because one or both of you were growing in different directions or at a different pace. Most of the time, however, one or both of you haven't put the kind of energy and amount of time necessary to keep it vibrant and growing.

What are your priorities in your life?

Are you spending time in activities and with people that are in alignment with what you value?
Are your relationships the way you want them to be? If not, why not?
Are you focusing on what you want them to be rather than what they aren't?
So, the question is, are the relationships in your life that are important to you getting better or worse?

If they're not getting better, just the awareness that you now have is an important part in changing the dynamics

The information you need will:

Help you know whether you really want to stay in this relationship or move on

Help you discover what you really want in a relationship and whether you'll be able to have it in this relationship

Help you identify the real issues going on in this relationship (they may not be what you think)

Help you understand the communication challenges going on between the two of you

Show you how the way money is handled in your relationship may be causing major problems without you even knowing it

Tell you what to do if there's physical, emotional or sexual abuse going on in this relationship

Give you a new way of thinking about how addictions affect your relationship

Help you identify how patterns from your past may be unconsciously ruining your relationship right before your eyes This is not an easy decision to make and you owe it to yourself and this relationship to make absolutely sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible.

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unhappy marriages
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