Committing Adultery


Committing Adultery


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Bibles Quotes re: Adultery
Mark10:9:"What God has joined together, let not man separate."

Mark10:11,12:"Whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery against her. And if a woman divorces her husband and remarries, she commits adultery."

Mathew19:9: "A man who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery - unless his wife has been unfaithful."

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committing adultery





Committing Adultery

committing adultery
Can Your Marriage Be Saved if you have Committed Adultery?

A strong 90% of those I talk to discover their partner is having an affair want to save the marriage. Others, who haven't been there, say, "You are crazy! Kick him/her out!" I did - no actually I moved out. We had just bought our first house together and I left. If he wanted me back he was going to have to work very hard. But, it isn't that easy or simple is it?

You want to save your marriage? But you're not sure if it's possible? You ask, "What are my chances?"

Well, it depends - on two BIG factors. First, What kind of affair faces you? I describe 7 different affairs in Break Free From the Affair and some are much easier to save than others.

Second, the odds of saving your marriage are not very good, if you continue in the same old patterns. But, if you begin to do the "unexpected" your odds dramatically increase.

I outline the odds for saving your marriage in my mini-eBook, "Can Your Marriage Be Saved?" If you want it all, check out Break Free From the Affair, which includes the information from the this eBook.

How Long Will This Take?

Studies and research indicate it will take from 2 to 4 years to "work through" a relationship crisis of this magnitude. That is it will take that long if you "let time heal" or "let nature take its course" or cling to your old patterns of relating.

You can speed the process. You can break out of the mold. You can quicken the healing and change. This site is here for that purpose. And, it's not really a mystery how this is done. You can learn fairly simple skills which applied to the right circumstances at the right time help you get much faster what you really want. Most people haven't learned the skills or when to apply them so it seems like a dark deep mystery. Not so.

*Is infidelity killing your marriage... or you?
*Are you tired of all the lies, excuses and cheating?
*Are you afraid you won't survive the affair?

Be able to know what his/her next move might be. And, plan your words and actions accordingly to change the flow of history. This is easier than you might think - once you know the patterns.

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Don't use or quote the Bible.

If you go to church then I am sure this really got your attention, and probably made you a little angry.

"How dare you tell me that? The Bible tells me that affairs are wrong and my spouse is wrong." Well, you are right. The Bible does say that and we believe
that too. However here's what we mean...

But, on a number of occasions we've run across those who throw Bible verses, selected passages from books or talk show hosts comments about the immorality and path of perdition he/she is following by engaging in an affair.

Now, granted, engaging in an affair is sin because it certainly does miss the mark in terms of having an authentic and truth-filled relationship and it certainly has dire consequences in which the other does walk down a difficult path.

However, using this as a weapon to stop the affair brings dubious results at best.

Think about it. Would you really want him/her to come back to the relationship because of coercion?

What would that be like? He/she would be there because of moral compunction, not because they really wanted to be with you. Could you live in a relationship of emotional investment where someone was forced to be with you – out of guilt or trying to abide by some law?

On pages 51 through 55 in his best selling e-book "Break Free From the Affair", Dr. Robert Huizenga discusses how to stop yourself and change your attitude so that instead of getting even with your spouse.

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committing adultery

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