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Cheating Spouses

Cheating Spouses signs are different from Infidelity. If your relationship has been touched by cheating spouses, infidelity or an extramarital affair or you are concerned that you may become another infidelity statistic, I urge you to spend the next few minutes reviewing information on cheating spouses resources from experts that will likely change how you feel about yourself, your partner and the future of your relationship.

Cheating Spouses Lies

Are you falling for the same old lies your cheating spouses are feeding you? Can you believe they are making you feel guilty for accusing the cheating spouses? With the work place, and the internet, overscheduled lives and inattentive spouses .... click here

cheating spousesCheating Spouses
Submit your Request -- any question or send us your cheating spouses stories - we will always have cheating spouses advice. Be prepared for upfront and direct answers.

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Do Not Be a Victim of Cheating Spouses

Cheating Spouses - Who Cheats?

People who lack integrity People with low self-esteem The most common reason is that cheating spouses are not getting their emotional needs met by their partner.

When you are getting your emotional needs met in your relationship, very seldom would your spouse be tempted to look elsewhere. But still there is no justification, no excuses for cheating spouses to cheat.
Five Steps to Romantic Love: A Workbook for Readers of Love Busters and His Needs, Her Needs
The worksheets also help you identify and avoid the things you may unknowingly be doing to ruin and destroy your spouses love for you.

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Anti-porn Software
Is Porn Cheating?

Third Party Blame

A third party has no power to break up a healthy relationship. No one can come between you and your cheating spouses/partner unless something has already come between you and your partner. A mate having an affair is not the cause of a breakup; it is a symptom of a breakdown in the fabric of the primary relationship. From the Big Love perspective, an affair is not a cause for condemnation of self or other; it can be the most valuable wakeup call of a lifetime. read more.......

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Cheating Spouses

Advice on Cheating Spouses

Dr. Huizenga answers the question that many people today are asking themselves about their cheating spouses. He prepares you for what you may uncover and talks about what to do with the information, should you discover your cheating spouses, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating.

This ground breaking info provides in-depth analysis of kinds of affairs, giving the knowledge, confidence and a game plan to know exactly what you must do more quickly to to know the truth, face the truth, deal with the truth and be free.

DO NOT TALK to or involve family members or the person they are having the affair with.
DO NOT quote biblical verses to them.
DO Not leave the affair to chance. Do Not wait for "time to heal." DO Not waste time with simplistic suggestions or vague generalities. Do Not act out of desperation.

DO NOT TALK to your cheating spouses until you read this:

Click Here for more Dr.Bob's coaching for cheating spouses

Everyone has written about what to do when your partner/cheating spouses have cheated on you. Take my advice -- here are some guidelines of what not to do:

Do Not Kick them Out or Leave your cheating spouses Yet Continue Monitoring Their Activities. Be your own detective on your cheating spouses if you have to.

Do Not Ignore The Situation with cheating spouses. Don't pretend it isn't happening. Many people will deny they are having an affair also. Start to converse about exactly what is going on. The sooner you confront the issue the better off you are.

Don't Tell Everyone you Know about your cheating spouses. If you have to tell someone be very careful who they are.
They may be having the affair with your partner. Very often close friends or families take sides and cause resentments.

Do Not Waste your Time and Energy on The Other Cheater. Focus your current energy on your marriage efforts.

Do not loose your cool with your cheating spouses.. Stop arguing, shouting, blaming and punishing. This doesn't work and never has.

New Technology for Cheating Spouses

cheating spouses call recorder

Call Recorder Card - record your cheating spouses - digital recording without the recorder - Click Here
Only records while they are talking.
From 250 - 500 minutes.

How Could You Do This to Me Cheating Spouses

At one time or another we have all been betrayed by someone we trusted, all felt the sting of deceit and subsequent shattering of self-confidence. Once trust is broken, it is much like a glass window; it cannot be fixed. It can be taped, glued, pieced together, etc. It can never be the intact and unbroken window it once was.

How Could You Do This to Me - click here

cheating spousesRecovery from broken trust (not trusts) lies in gently picking up the broken pieces, putting them in some type of order, and attempting to keep them there, an almost impossible task, and one too often for objective professionals.

Spying on your Cheating Spouses

Do not use what you find on your cheating spouses as ammunition for revenge. Sure, you may have wonderfully violent fantasies of what you would really like to do to him/her and the other person. This is very normal. But, don’t act them out.

Using what you find to extract revenge will only lengthen the time of pain and anger. It will undermine your integrity as a person, lower your personal standards and make you exceedingly unattractive.

Resist the temptation to sling the mud!

You want to know the truth, face the truth, deal with the truth and be free. Seeing signs of cheating spouses often mean secrets.

cheating spousesSecrets are work! People take extraordinary measures to tip toe around it, but it IS there.

It is the proverbial elephant sitting in the room that no one dare talk about.

Emotionally, you can’t miss it. Secrets are a drain. If the secret persists, its impact is felt in subtle but insidious ways. People become physically ill, sometimes seriously so. People become depressed.

Be your Own Detective on your Cheating Spouses - Click here Most cheating spouses use the internet as a tool for their cheating.

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Multiple Affairs - Cheating Spouses

Multiple affairs may indicate an addiction to sex, love, or romance. Love and romance addicts are driven by the passion of a new relationship. Sexual addicts are compulsively attracted to the high and the anxiety release of sexual orgasm. But such release comes with a price - feelings of shame and worthlessness. Those who have multiple affairs are somewhat strange. They often feel that nothing is wrong with it. Philanderers perceive extramarital sex as an entitlement of gender or status and take advantage of opportunities without guilt or withdrawal symptoms. Meanwhile we still typecast the offenders. The cheating spouse who leaves his or her marriage after an affair is most often a woman.




Survival for Cheating Spouses NEW

Three Steps to Clearing Your Mind from Negative Thoughts After the Affair
Dr. Frank Gunzburg

What follows is a 3-step program for looking at your negative thoughts, challenging the believability of these thoughts, and replacing them with more self-affirming statements.If you tend toward skepticism, it might be difficult for you to believe that these techniques are effective. However, these techniques are adapted from the core of cognitive therapy, a psychotherapeutic healing modality that has proven effective in helping people that suffer from all kinds of negative thinking in study after study.Please take your time and work through each step completely. If you do this, you will amplify the effect of the work that we are about to do.

Step 1: Track Your Thoughts
Thoughts drive your feelings. When you think about something negative you tend to feel bad. On the other hand, if you think about something positive, you tend to feel good. This is simply common sense. Everyone knows this.However, when you are wrapped up in difficult, negative emotions, it isn’t always easy to see what thoughts are behind your painful feelings. When you have been injured in an affair, this is often the case. You are so overcome with feelings of betrayal and rage that you sometimes fail to see what thoughts are behind these feelings.If you feel like you are having a hard time distinguishing your thoughts from your feelings, or even one thought from another, thought tracking can be an immense help to you. Even if you don’t seem to have these kinds of problems, this first step will help you get a good track record of what you are thinking and will allow you the opportunity to see if there are any consistent patterns to your thoughts.

Step 2: Challenging the Believability of Your Thoughts
Now that you have a fairly good record of your negative thoughts about the affair and you have examined various patterns in your thinking, it is time to start challenging these thoughts.In order to do this, we are going to take various negative thoughts you had over the last week and put them to a reality test. You can certainly use this process for thoughts that are coming up for you right now as well. However, it is useful to start practicing this skill on a thought you already recorded. Once you hone the skill, you can put it to use at your command.

The Reality Test

Choose one of your challenging recurring negative thoughts. The thought that you choose should bring up some discomfort and negative feelings for you. Our goal in this part of the exercise will be to undermine that discomfort by disproving the reality of the thought.Write down the thought you have chosen to work with. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

» How realistic or logical is this thought in the world at large?» Is there an argument against the thought?» What actual evidence do I have that this thought is true?» Even if it were true, what would it practically mean for me and my situation right now?

Try and answer these questions as objectively as you can.

Step 3: Using Self-Affirmations
Self-talk is a powerful influence on the way people think, feel, and act. Self-talk is the stuff we internally say about ourselves all the time. Everyone has a certain amount of self-talk going on most of the time. We constantly judge ourselves and talk to ourselves (in our minds) about these judgments.In today’s society, the idea that you can “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative” makes most of us shudder a bit. We are cynical and skeptical enough to believe that any attempt at encouraging positive thinking in our lives is a losing battle.Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing can help you more in your situation than to remind yourself that you are a worthwhile, lovable person. Of course, we will temper these self-affirmations with a bit of reality. I am not going to try and have you convince yourself that you are the single greatest person on the planet and that you deserve to be the queen or king. It is unlikely you would buy that anyway. But I am guessing that right now you are feeling more like the lowest person on the earth, and that isn’t a healthy or realistic place for you to be.

What I would like for you to do is take the same thought that we worked with in the last exercise. Do some reality testing on it as you did before. Ask yourself whether the thought is realistic or logical and whether you can find an argument against it. See what evidence you have to support the thought, and what would practically change for you if the thought were true.

Click Here - Surviving an Affair

cheating spouses How to Deal with Cheating Spouses- click here

Could your partner be pulled in by "just seeing" how easy it is to cheat? You and millions of other Americans saw on Dr. Phil how over 425,000 cheating spouses are going online to cheat with "real-time" partners. Could yours be one of them? Or do you have a feeling something’s going on already?

Cheating spousesRemember: Cheating Spouses are:

Most victims of cheatiing spouses are in DENIAL.

Secrecy and danger are part of the unrealistic excitement of an affair.

Dishonesty is the enemy of intimacy.

The discovered person often feels as scared and confused as the discoverer.

Cheating Spouses - do you feel anger, lack self-esteem now? This is a good time to work on you, in fact be you. Be your authentic self. Don't try to change for the other person. Do it for you. You are not helpless. You do have power; more than what you probably realize.

Expose the Cheating Spouses Affair

Expose the affair. This is one of the hardest things for me to convince people to do. And it is the one of the most essential moves you can make – if not the most essential. If you do ignore this you are enabling the affair by making it safe and easy. Affairs are addictions that flourish in the dark and hidden places. They are fantasies built on deceit – of both the exterior world and the inner consciousness of the participants. Often times it is only with exposure that affairs end.


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