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Cheating Internet Infidelity Stories


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Submit your Request -- any question or send us your stories - I will always have an upfront and direct answer. I have helped internet infidelity victims for nearly a decade.

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Cheating Internet Infidelty Stories

Please send us your cheating boyfriend stories or cheating partner stories on the form page. It really helps others who are in a committed relationship to know they are not alone. All stories become the property of "It's definitely cheating," says AskMaple, "It doesn't seem part of a healthy, caring relationship. Your boyfriend writing intimate stuff to a stranger … can damage a relationship and cause problems."

cheating internet infidelity stories

Q. Dear Maple:
I feel my wife is preoccupied with the internet and I have control over the service bill payment and I am disconnecting it for now.
How should I counsel her while this is taking place? Joe

Is giving out your cell phone number on online game sites cheating usually 9 times out of 10 these woman call him? This is how it starts out flirting online then the calls.Tam

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I need help about a recent discovery I made about my boyfriend. First let me explain that we have been together for 3 years. We do not live together because I have chosen not to until we are married. We have had a very good relationship. He has been my best companion, very attentive, we have had a great sex life, and he very supportive to me, we've been through thick and thin.
Recently however, I stayed at his house for few days because he asked me to. While he was at work I decided to talk to him on his ICQ chat line. During this time I was internet surfing. I went to his "favorite places" bookmark to see some of the humourous websites we would sometimes. Suddenly however, I discovered that he had certain questionable websites in his favorite places bookmarked. These websites included really horrible things like various deviant sexual acts, even the home page said you can watch a woman get raped. I didn't have the guts to surf through this website. I was sickened. There were other bookmarked websites about dating tips, and online girls in the Silicon Valley who can take you shopping so you don't look like a geek.
My boyfriend is a computer geek and I knew this from the beginning. He is a computer programmer and very techy.
I am completely shocked. I am not sure what of make of all this. Maybe this not what I really think it is. He is so gentle, I didn't think he would want to look at these types of websites. I am also scared now if I should even consider ever having children with him. Especially if he has a website bookmarked where you can watch women getting raped and other deviant materials I would rather not discuss.
What should I consider first before jumping to conclusions? Is this a big deal? Is this internet cheating? Please help me. Michelle

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I cheated on my partner on the internet. I was bored and stressed out from work. All the men were more than glad to give me the attention I needed. They would call and some times even send me a gift. Pretty soon I was invited to go and meet them in the big city. I met two single men. My partner founds the pics when I got home. One of the men wants me to leave him. What should I do? Christine.

I found out last night my husband has been e-mailing and texting a woman. I spoke to her and she said he has said he was divorced. Should I contact her again to find out information as he might be lying when he says nothing happened. I am so confused and angry I don't know what to do for the best. Karen

You and your boyfriend or lover are fighting and quarreling almost everyday.You and your spouse are facing a potential divorce. You are having a great relationship with your partner right now, but are fearful that one day your spouse or lover might betray you or leave you.

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I will never forgive my husband for his internet affair, he says he wishes he'd never set eyes on the internet, saying: 'I said ages ago we should get rid of the internet' and as I told him: it isn't the internet that's the problem it's the people (perverts) that use it. he does not go on the internet anymore as all my trust in him has gone, I know I'll never forget or never forgive, what we had has gone forever, yet I know in my heart that he loves me, but I trusted and look where trust got me! Often these people know the person they are chasing are married, even to risk calling them on the phone, so they are no better than the cheating spouse themselves. he loves me, but my love is dead, I have switched off gone! Jennifer.

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