Cheating Spouse Reflections


Cheating Spouse Reflections


Cheating Spouse Reflections

There is a whole array of reflections on your cheating spouse as well as some very emotional feelings or emotions. I would like you to spend the next few minutes reflecting on how you feel about yourself, your partner and the future of your relationship.

For right now I have grouped these all together and soon will post them on different pages to share with other victims of a cheating spouse. Please feel free to add your own categories. Thanks.

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Cheating Spouse Lies

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cheating spouse reflectionsPregnant & Cheating Spouse
cheating spouse reflections

Why do people cheat? Was it my fault? All these questions. If we were so bad here, why start a new life with a new baby and still the same financial problems there that he couldn't take here? I loved him so so much. and I think I always will, now I am home crying in the end cause I just don't want to do this again.

cheating spouse reflections

I think now because I am pregnant he has lost interest in me. He doesn't show hardly no kinds of affection, we haven't had sex going on two months now, and I find emails that he he sent to another girl (from another state), but my problem with that is he cheated on me before with someone he meet on the internet so i'm very uptight with that. When I bring it to him he say's he be tired when we go to bed so he don't be in the mood.

cheating spouse reflections

Now that I have agreed to stay and stick by him, I am having second thoughts. Like I should have left when I first found out. Now I am pregnant, depressed, crying 6 out of 7 days, stressed and always second guessing whether he is telling me the truth.

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cheating spouse reflections

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Cheating Spouse Reflections

Hopecheating spouse reflections

I know I'll never forget or never forgive, what we had has gone forever, yet I know in my heart that he loves me, but I trusted and look where trust got me! Often these people know the person they are chasing is married, so they are no better than the cheating spouse themselves. He loves me, but my love is dead, I have switched off - gone. I hope I will feel again.

cheating spouse reflections

Hope is the expectation that something outside of ourselves, something or someone external, is going to come to our rescue and we will live happily ever after.
Author: Dr. Robert Anthony, American educator

Hopelesscheating spouse reflections

He ran off to her. He says he wants to come back. How can I believe him ever again? I sit , wait and pray for my old life but will it ever be the same again? Can I find real intimacy with a betrayer - a person who would do this to me - a person who vowed to love me forever - a person I gave my whole heart to and always got this selfish attitude of its all about me, me, me. I just don't know.

I was this happy bubbly person confident in the love & fidelity of my husband, now in the couple of months since I've lost about 20 lbs., my hair is falling out & I'm so sad all the time. People say I look good because I've lost all this weight & ask if I've been on a diet if they only knew. My heart is truly broken I don't know how to fix it. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Guiltcheating spouse reflections

Yes there is guilt from booby trappings in my house, cell phone calls to monitoring devices.
Why do I have to feel guilty when she is to blame for the lack of trust I feel in my heart.
There is no security - only in tomorrow.

Sadnesscheating spouse reflections

I caught my husband red-handed cheating on the internet with a woman from overseas and a woman locally, he felt it was all innocent because it was the "net". One woman could not understand why he was NOT married because he was so romantic. One he proposed to, the other helped him find religion. He chronicled everything we did together to the woman.

Fearcheating spouse reflections

I fear he is dating or exchanging emails. How can I live with the fear every time he is on the computer. Now I feel like a cat with a plump mouse.

cheating spouse reflections

My significant other has joined a phone dating service. He says he just "wants to listen". He better fear what I will say if this happens again.

Lovecheating spouse reflections

I am very disappointed of him, I dont believe or trust him anymore.....I am trying to work things out because I still love him, and I see he is very sorry, but it is very difficult.

cheating spouse reflections

Weeks later I am developing my roll of film and she is in a picture on my couch holding my cat. The picture was dated 05/06, on my birthday. He told me he had not seen her since 12/9. Now I am depressed, angry, insecure, and suspicious. How do I cope? I still love the ---.

cheating spouse reflections

I am a good woman, I was faithful for the entire time, I loved him 100% and I was ready to be a good wife and mother to his baby. Now we are having a boy and now my son will not have a real chance of having real family and its like I hate him and I hate myself because I could of been having my first born with someone who truly loved me and cared for my well being. He says that he loves me but how can someone love you and betray you so coldly and the fact that he would have unprotected sex with another female or females and come back home to me is the worse feeling in the world. I truly feel like the world is against me and I did nothing to deserve what he has done.

cheating spouse reflections

After a few weeks of swearing that she had had no more contact and that she was trying to work things out with me she had a class to go to one night. I logged on and checked her email and found one with the subject line "I Love You". It was a very graphic email about how much she loved this guy and then a more graphic description of what she enjoyed about their sexual relationship. It occurred to me that true love is something she should want to share with everyone.

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Angercheating spouse reflections

I know that my husband is regretful and wants our marriage to work. Two years ago I felt very insecure, non-trusting and it took awhile to feel secure and trusting of him again. Now, all that insecurity and non-trusting has come back to haunt me. I know my relationship with her will never be the same, but I wish she'd apologize or something to let me know she regrets it like my husband. She still lives in the neighborhood and our kids occasionally still play together, but I feel I need answers. I'm distracted by the thought and have such anxiety I'm not sure how to feel or what to do.

cheating spouse reflections

Don't know where to start. All I can say is I hate waking up every day because I know that once I'm up be in the morning during
work or just any time of the day. My mind starts messing with me about my wife's affair. The hate that I have for this one person who played,and used my wife for his pleasure. The betrayel of my stupid wife and every thing else that comes along with this shit. I feel that I am being punished, and tormented for something I never did. I feel that I just can't go on. It's been a year since I found out and now this hate, and anger is driving me nuts.

Isolation cheating spouse reflections

I refuse to make an issue out of it again--lately, he wonders what's wrong with me and I feel as though I really can't trust him if he can't come clean after being asked if he had been looking at women online again. As a footnote to this, his father cheated on his mother--his father told me about this right in front of my husband--and his father will try to refer to "blondes" and other women while he's out with us anywhere. Is this a case of "like father, like son"? I don't know.

Griefcheating spouse reflections

I was so ready to trust again, to believe I could be so happy and feel so alive but she had to destroy what little faith I had all over again. Will I trust again - perhaps. Life is never the same because of her ego.

My husband betrayed me. I feel that I have died inside. I am grieving the loss of our commitment, trust, love, and our openness. Now I must deal with secrets, deception, brokeness. I grieve for the life I have lost, the trust that is gone, the openness that is closed, and the purity of my married life. These are gone forever. Life as I have known it for 28 years has died.

cheapting spouse reflections

Porn - He did, eventually, admit to this; but I am just "over- reacting for millions of men in this country look at porn." I felt angry and betrayed. When I confronted him he was very defensive and said some very hurtful things to me. He called me names like "fat ass". I am overweight but he has never acted as though it is a problem. He says he is sorry now and didn't mean what he said. The problem is I can hardly even look at him now. I feel like he is dissatisfied with me and our marriage. I am considering divorce since I don't think I will ever feel the same now.

cheating spouse reflections

I asked my wife what is going on she said "its only a game". I told her that the comments made me feel more than a little uncomfortable. It was around this time that she started telling me I was "always up her butt" and "she needs time to herself to play". She would get very upset if I was to visit her Simulated house. It was around this time that she also told me that she wasn't in love with me anymore. My heart nearly stopped. My wife had been having an online affair with someone from the game. My words of wisdom would be this... The online games are not "just games". She has since been heartbroken by the whole thing and still does not know if she loves me.

cheating spouse reflections

He comes to us, along with his emails "I miss you so much it hurts my heart with every breath I take", and "I miss being with you", a cd with "their" song, and cell phone conversations to this same lady we're to leave behind. He hasn't quite given her up yet, I confront him, and he says we're just friends.

cheating spouse reflections

I am so hurt, angry, shocked, just a wreck but I am doing the best possible. I have supportive friends who really care about me who are helping me through this. But the pain from this is overwhelming at times and since I found out six days ago I have been doing all I can to cope. I never thought something like that would happen to me. He lied about many things.

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