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Cheating Husband Stories


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Submit your Request -- any question or send us your stories - we will always have an answer. Be prepared as I am very upfront and direct.

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According to our Expert coach, I teach them a skill called "charging neutral" to help "back off." Use that skill.This will take some effort. It might take some coaching or therapy. It most likely will demand that you get to know yourself better, that you gain more confidence in you – apart from what she does with him – that you build a strong foundation under yourself that can weather any storm.

This is your opportunity to grow to another level.

Oh, by the way. She/he will notice! And she might like it.

Backing off does not mean that you don’t have anything to do with her. Quite the contrary. You want to maintain your contact with her, but it will be QUALITY contact. It will be contact that does honor to you, confronts her with the reality of her decisions and works toward resolution for the marriage.

Summary: Less often means more when facing emotional infidelity. Learning a specific skill such as "backing off" enhances one's chance to save the marriage.

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cheating husband stories

Cheating Husband Stories

Here are a few of the cheating husband stories. Understanding just how many others face the same situation can help break the sense of being so alone, isolated, or 'singled out' for this experience. I know it is hard for you to talk the situation out but it really helps to write and talk either here or at a Infidelity group. Please send us your story on the form direct for us to post. All stories become the property of

Q. Dear Maple:

Briefly, my husband uses a Palm Treo to communicate with "his" world, and I have no idea how to "track" these events. Is there a way I can find where/what he is Text Messaging?

My husband and I recently separated after he finally admitted to having affairs, we have two gorgeous little boys. My husband is just at the angry phase right now and always blames me for everything. He thinks he is justified in having affairs. I don't know what to do right now, please offer any advice. Thanks. Laiwa

I have a 6 month old daughter, my partner cheated on my when I was 5 months pregnant. I only found out 3 weeks before our daughter was born. We've been together 5 years. I want to leave him, as it's been so long since I've found out, but can't get over it. Should I walk out? What about our daughter? Liezel

I found out a year and a half ago that my husband of thirty four years had been having an affair for three years with a woman fifteen years his junior. I was devastated as we have been together since we were teenagers and I thought he loved me as deeply as I loved him, anyway, I filed for divorce but he refused to sign the papers, he wanted another chance and he was sorry, what could I do? I gave him another chance but he will not communicate with me about the affair, there a questions that I need to be answered and he just will not talk about it. I feel I am going mad as it is deep in my soul and although I am not angry or fighting with my husband I am still very, very sad that he wont talk to me, I feel that if he doesn't discuss it with me we will drift far apart, as I do not trust him anymore, can you please help me to understand why he will not communicate with me and how I can encourage him to. Thank you, God bless you, Norah.

My husband says he has had no contact with his 6 year affair partner since discovery one year ago. Yet, I still feel they contact. There are no more phone records, but he can buy a card. Just strong intuition that they still continue.
Our marriage had become sexless for 3years before the affair and nonexistent until the discovery. We have become intimate since discovery.

What are the chances that they still communicate. They would talk at least 3 or 4 times a day, meet alone at least once a month, and with her husband and myself at least 5 times a year. Neither her husband nor I, of course, were aware of the affair. My husband used levitra with her. I've convinced him not to use it with me. I've noticed some of the tablets are gone. He has had opportunity as I went on a trip recently. However, I have not confronted him on this subject. He could say that he used it with me. Sandra

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Why Showing Affection is Important
If you want your spouse to feel special with you, you need to do more than rote displays of affection. What you will want to do is combine ways of showing your spouse how much you care about him or her.

For example, instead of simply giving your spouse a peck on the cheek before you go to work and saying "I love you" before you fall asleep, you might skip the kiss in the morning and leave her a love note instead.

Then you could call or send a text message during the day simply to say you are thinking of her. You might stick with saying "I love you" before bed, or you might add a rub on the shoulders or a nice long hug to deepen your message.

The next day you could do some of these same things, add other methods for showing affection, or change your program completely. What you do really depends on your own tastes and the way your relationship works.

The key here is to drop the stale routine and combine different ways of communicating--you could use the lists above to help you get started. Once you begin, it's not so hard to develop fresh and dynamic expressions of how much you care.

It's easy to see why changing your routine this way adds a whole layer of meaning to your displays of affection. Showing your spouse that you care in a more dynamic engaged way sends him or her the message that you really are putting effort into your marriage. You want your spouse to feel special in your eyes and in your expressions. Want to know more? Click Here - Surviving an Affair

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I have been married to my husband for almost 2 yrs, we have been together for a total of 4. I have left him several times, and go back.He tells me we will go to counseling,he will stop drinking, (everyday!) and that he loves me more than anything and can't live without me. He is very emotionally, and mentally abusive. Doesn't want or let me work outside of the home, Is very jealous of my 2 grown children, and other family members,even my 90yr old grandmother. He say's he should come before anyone in my life,including my kids!I've never been unfaithful to him, but yet he acuses me of doing terrible things.and calling me names, putting me down on a daily basis. He wants sex 2or3 times a day, and when I don't want to, he tells me I selfcentered and only care about myself, or say's(u have been with someone else) He is the most insecure person I have ever known, I used to feel so good about myself. When we met I owned my own hm, car, and had a full time job making great $.
How in the world can I take my life back and truly be happy again/ I have lost myself and all my courage, I feel so helpless. Don't want to lose the trust of my kids for staying in this mess! They are so tired of seeing me this way. They worry about me each minute of everyday. I would pay for this advise, but, he controlls all the money as well. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Natalie

My husband had an affair and I want to make sure that it's over. I want to use the Call Recorder Card advertised on your site to record his cell phone calls. I want to be absolutely secret about this, and I'm afraid there will be a beep or click, or the forwarded calls will show up on the phone bill, or something else to give it away. Can you tell me if it is completely stealth? Crystal

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