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Books on Infidelity
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Books on Infidelity

Break Free from the Affair - infidelity books In this eBook, you will find advice and information from nearly two decades of marriage coaching. You will find the strength and strategies you need to do exactly what is best for you and those closest to you in dealing with infidelity.

This eBook is now ready for you to read. It is ready to provide you with accurate and helpful ways to get to the heart of the affair in your marriage and pinpoint exactly what you can do to break free from the affair.

You won’t find a lot of “fluff” in this book. You don’t have the time for that.

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Stopping Internet Infidelity

How to Stop Internet Infidelity - has studied and worked with internet infidelity for almost a decade. Find out today what steps you can do immediately to prevent losing your spouse to a complete stranger. Chatting on the internet, emailing other members of the opposite sex is a threat to your marriage and will destroy everything you hold dear to your heart. In my many years of helping others with Internet Infidelity I have the facts as to exactly what is occurring and measures you can take during this crisis to stop this from destroying your relationship or marriage.
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Infidelity books
Infidelity: A Survival Guide - Don-David Lusterman, a psychologist practicing in Baldwin, New York, believes that couples who work hard can save their marriages following an affair: "People often find that once infidelity is discovered and its aftereffects are behind them, their relationship is stronger than before, and subsequent infidelity is unlikely." This isn't true only of married couples--Lusterman points out that people in long-term, committed relationships, whether straight or gay, face the same devastating emotions and have to go through a similar rebuilding process if they want to remain together after one has strayed. This book will help people on either side of an affair begin to understand what's going on, and help them find the resources they need to continue that quest. --Ben Kallen
After the Affair Infidelity Books

After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful
is the most comprehensive and balanced book I have ever read on the subject. It is a 'must' for any couple who has experienced the violation of trust as a result of an affair. -Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of Getting the Love You Want. Infidelity can be the death blow of a relationship. But for those seeking guidance, sympathy and solutions to the ravaged feelings and broken trust triggered by an affair, help is now available through this book. Dr. Janis Spring offers original and proven strategies that lay to rest blame and recrimination, and focus instead on realistic ways of coping with pain, restoring self-esteem, and rebuilding trust and intimacy.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage -  Infidelity Books
Affair-Proof Your Marriage : Understanding, Preventing and Surviving an Affair asserts that infidelity happens in a full 60 percent of all marriages. Rich with statistics and case studies, it attempts to help readers save their marriages by describing the consequences of other people's affairs. According to Seattle counselor Lana Staheli, most of those who get divorced because of an affair later wish they hadn't--even if they go on to marry the person they were fooling around with. "Rarely do affairs last forever and seldom do they become happy marriages," she writes. "So, sooner or later, regret and pain set in." On the other hand, most of those who confronted the adulterous relationship and resolved to overcome it were able to develop an even stronger marriage within a few years.
Myth of the Greener Grass - Infidelity Books
The Myth of Greener Grass - This is a masterpiece of a work on marriage by one whom one quickly realizes has dealt with the realities of what good marriages rest on and what troubled ones lack. The analogy to keeping grass green is so useful in this case. Whatever the relationship, if attention and effort are not applied, only decay and defoilaging can occur. Thus, the phenomenon we see in society: individuals moving from one relationship to another, the grass always looking more attractive anywhere else but the one which has been deprived the proper attention. This book is not only a tremendous asset to those involved in the mire of affairism, but also for the rest of us who desire to insure ours against such common fare.This book helped me to overcome a painful experience in my marriage. I was always able to forgive my husband but never able to let go of the pain.
What Children Learn from Their Parents Marriage

What Children Learn from Their Parents' Marriage : It May Be Your Marriage, but It's Your Child's Blueprint for Intimacy - It may not come as a shock to most parents that the lessons our children learn in childhood are carried with them throughout their lives, but what this book makes clear is how our own marriages form a blueprint from which all our children's future relationships will be built. Siegel creates a compelling narrative using lots of case histories and anecdotes, which makes this an easy read. She helps us identify not only what we are doing wrong in our marriage, but what we're doing right, which makes our foibles a lot easier to acknowledge. She also helps us to explore how deeply our own parents' marriage affected us. A very important book with a very important goal--"the opportunity to create a positive legacy of love for our children."

The Monogamy Myth - Infidelity books

The Monogamy Myth: A Personal Handbook for Dealing with Affairs, Third Edition
In this landmark book, Peggy Vaughan helps us to understand the stages of suspicion, confrontation, and the healing process necessary to recover, including rebuilding self-esteem, the marriage/divorce dilemma, and seeking professional help. Substantiated by case studies, ongoing research, and the author's own experience, this updated third edition includes information on the role of the Internet in relationships, shares the words of others who are recovering from affairs, and describes the six-step program for establishing communication between partners that can actually prevent affairs. She also tells what to expect during a confrontation, and includes copious techniques for rebuilding self-esteem.

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